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Seth's Projects
Art Commissions & Exhibitions
Many people ask about where Seth
 gets his ideas and inspiration. His ideas start with looking at materials that are found or reclaimed. He stares at them, and the shape and feel seem to inform his imagination. His ideas travel into his hands as he begins, while at the same time not exactly knowing where it will end up. What he does know is that he wants art to be useful, amusing, and be one of a kind. If you would like him to do a special commission for your home, please see the contact page.
Seth's Art Gallery & Tours
This is where you can come and see Seth's original work. Tour the gallery where unique and functional sculpture, paintings, and small works of art are available for a minimum tax deductible donation. It is open 3-6pm weekly on Tuesdays by appointment. Have a beverage of your choice while you enjoy the gallery!
Wheelchair Ramp for Local Family
Seth decided to volunteer and build a wheelchair ramp for a local family, so the grandparents could continue to take care of their grandchild who uses a wheelchair. Although it was their anniversary weekend, Cathy was completely on board with the project.

"Seth was such a blessing this weekend! We are so grateful for all of his help and guidance. Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing Seth with us. We are eternally grateful." 
~ Kimberly Sessler McNutt
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